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Programme 2018

"Masques et bergamasques"

Sing for me, tell me about it, show me Gabriel Fauré

Theater - concert around the works of Fauré

Cant'Ouvèze conducted by Christine Paillard


Catherine Sternis : piano

Fanny Gioria : scenic direction

Town Date Hour
Nyons - Church St Vincent 10 november 6PM
Vaison - Cathedral 11 november 6PM
Dieulefit - Tempel 24 november 6 PM
Buis-les-Baronnies - salle des fêtes La Palun 25 november 6PM

Entrance: 15€.
Reservations can be made with choristers, or at the Nyons Toursit Office, or at the entrance of the building just before the concert.




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